About Comptia 1001 mobile part 2

We are now going part 2 of mobile portion of the exam. We go into more detail about comptia 1001 objectives. And learn about memory and why it is important and how to install it. What is card reader. Lastly go into how to replace an optical drive and wireless network card.


One the most important things for both laptops is memory. It is where all your programs run after it is transferred from the hard drive. What use for memory is called RAM “random access memory” or ROM “read only memory”. Both are important in making the computer run.

Ram “random access memory” is memory that is temporary memory. It is used in cache and ram. The hard drive is permanent memory. All three work together. When a program or file is activated that information is moved from the hard drive to ram. Then from the ram to cache were the file activity run. Think of the hard drive as filing cabinet. The ram as the desk and the cache as what is in front of your.

The cache is very fast. Why do we not use that instead of ram because cache does not scale well. So what happens is that cache in the CPU will keep switching between programs from the ram. The CPU has several cores that house multiple units of that house cache. This is why your have CPU called dual core or multi core processors. The processors are able tuned multiple at once as well this is called multi threading. Now that we know about cache let’s talk about ram.

Ram again is the desk the bigger the desk the more programs your can run. The ram that we are worried about is dimm “duel inlined memory model”, so “small outline”-dimm and micro-dimm. Dimm is seen in computers and later in laptops and mobile devices.

The common ram types your will see is ddr2, ddr3, ddr4, ddr5. The ddr is short for ddr sram “double data rate synchronous dynamic ram”. We will go in more detail about this in section 3 of the objectives’ hardware.

In this section we focused on how to install ram in the laptop. This done pretty simply in most devices but some do not allow your the ability to swap the ram. If that the make your purchase the maximum amount ram your can for that mobile device.

To swap the ram in most laptops is very easy and straight forward process. This all depends on the instruction in the laptop manual. In my laptop, it is in back. You can see in the photo there is a panel.

After we take out the battery, we take out all the screws and remove the panel.

In this section were the ram is located pull back the hinges it should popup. Then carefully pull out the ram and repeat this step for the rest of ram.

Once the all the ram is removed start placing in the new ram. It should go in smoothly with no force. If you feel too much resistance stop and make sure the ram is on the right side. If that does not work check the type of ram your computer can do because each ram type has a notch on diffrerent location to make sure the right ram for that type of motherboared is used.

Once the ram is in we are going to plug in power cord and run a quick test to make sure the ram is showing our system. When we do not see the ram that means we did not place in properly. And run the test agian if it still does not show it times we check ram piece seperatly to make sure that niether one is having a problem.

After we have checked and everything is working we go ahead and reatach the plate and battery. You should notice the comuter is running faster the ram was replaced.

Card Reader

The card reader is used a form of acces control and control access to network or device. Before attempting to replace the card reader maker sure the card is working by testing on it on different machine. Depeding on situaiton it might be best to use external card then it is to replace the card reader.

This is due to the fact that the card reader might be soldered to the motherboard. It can be located underneath the keyboard or in the back. Either way one must consult the manual to make right decision on what to do with the card reader.

Optical Drive

With slimmer laptops your do not have an internal optical drive. With laptops that do have an optical drive the process for replacement is very straight forward. With laptop your see today all your have to do is remove some of the screws. After the screws are removed the optical drive will slide out and remove the sata cable. Place in the sata cable in new optical drive and slide it back in and screw it into place. Older laptops will require one to read the manual to locate and replace the optical drive.

Wireless Card / Mini-PCIe

This is the card that allows one to connect to the internet over wifi. In the laptop, it is located behind the same panel as were the ram is located. And go head and repeat the same steps as when replacing ram.

First we remove the screws to cover and set them aside and remove the cover.

We locate were wireless card is and remove the leads attatched to the top of the card.

Then the card is removed gently.

The new card is placed in slowly, it should slide in with no force.

The leads are then connected and boot up the system and run a quick test.

What we have learned

In this article we learned about what memory is and the different types of memory in computer. The memory types being ram, rom. We learned how memory is used in computer. Most importanlty we know how replace the ram in the laptop. How to replace a card reader if we have to. We know the process to replace the optical drive and wireless card / PCIe.


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